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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Figures from my AmiAmi package.


This was the AmiAmi package that arrived few days ago! I think I mentioned this before but I was pretty lucky because even though I opted for registered SAL, it was shipped the EMS speed.

I was thinking perhaps lesser people are posting out packages recently because I ordered something from Ebay few days ago, and the expected timing for the package to come was 15-30 days (chose the slowest), but it came 3 days later!

Figures that was in the package:


Touhou Project 1/7 The Devil's Little Sister, Flandre Scarlet -Laevateinn version.


Touhou Project 1/8 Yukari Yakumo, the one behind the spiriting-away.


Angel Beats! 1/8 Yuri.


Nendoroid Kyon: Disappearance Version.


Nendoroid Kuroneko.


Nendoroid Black Gold Saw.


No space to put at home so they will be above the shelf desu.


Totally no space. Hard to make space either since more is coming. Oh yeah, I've also collected nendoroid Nemu like few weeks back. Sometimes I really wonder what's the rush of collecting my figures quickly when I don't even have time to take pictures and open them.

Me wants a quiet time to do it, not squeezed in a busy schedule.


Next week is worst. I'll be collecting five sets of stuff.

One Fate T. Harlaown True Sonic Form 1/7 PVC figure.
One Black Gold Saw figma.
One Sanzenin Nagi nendoroid.
One Western nendoroid playset A.
One Western nendoroid playset B.

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