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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Chinese Food Carving

The Art of Chinese Food Carving

You may have seen ice carving on buffet tables. Have seen the art of Chinese food carving? Well, I had a chance to see some relatively large scale food carving lately.

On the Labour Day, I visited the Barracks of the PLA Hong Kong Garrison. It's open to the public once a year on the first day of May.

As you know, life within a military camp has to be DIY, including cooking. There were some cooking demo including some food carving exhibits. Some of them were really interesting.

A peacock opens up his tail to attract girl friends. Would you love this if you were a peahen? Look, this peacock tail is made of turnip, carrot and cucumber.

Chinese like fishes, because it sounds like 'surplus'. Does these carrot fishes look nice?

Peoney and phoenix are also favourite Chinese figures. Again, they are made of carrot and turnip.

Water melon can also be carved. See the dragon and peacock. How lovely?

Finally, here is me and a young PLA. Look, he's very cooperative in my photo taking, though without smile.
Hong Kong Food Blog - Chinese Food Carving

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