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Monday, May 16, 2011

Did you add me on Facebook?

Having fun on Facebook doing this:

Like this status and I'll tell you:
1. How we met:
2. My first impression of you:
3. What I like about you:
4. Favourite memory of you:
5. But if you like this you MUST put it as your status so I can like it :)

Some of the replies I got are so funny! It's my way of differentiating the colours between Yellow and Marigold and they are making a joke out of it. And of course, I was most intrigued by the answers of the first impressions I gave my friends through the second question.

I was feeling bored so I decided to do that on Facebook and one by one my friends starting posting them up as statuses as well. 8D

Anyway, a little bit off topic, but if you added me on Facebook but I didn't accept your friend request YET, here's why:

I stated clearly on my profile page that I will not accept silent friend requests because I wouldn't know why you added me, and I don't want strangers on my friend list. I want people whom I can interact with instead. What's the point of adding when you won't talk to me and I won't talk to you? Right?

And that also means, you didn't read my profile before adding! It was just a short description. A simple "drop me a message before adding" summary. It's either you didn't bother reading it or you read it but just decided not to care about it and add either way. If you didn't care, why should I?

For your information, I have people in my Facebook that are not my real life friends but blog readers, but we still communicate pretty well on Facebook/MSN. So if I didn't accept you, that doesn't mean I'm stuck up (I'm not even a well-known person how to be stuck up), it's just that I don't like to entertain people that doesn't even try to introduce themselves.

Yeap that's about all. An extremely straightforward FAQ on why friend requests are not being processed. ^^;

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