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Monday, May 16, 2011

AKB48 Official Shop Opening, Singapore.


Went to take a peek at the AKB48 Official Shop Opening at SCAPE on Saturday. Am not an avid AKB48 fan so I didn't queue to buy any merchandises. Not worth my time considering that the shop's gonna stay in Singapore permanently anyway, it's not as if it's here "for only a limited period".

Although having said that, I still won't buy anything. I have better things that I wanna spend my money on.


Was standing at the front part of the queue. Most of the very free people you see in the pictures are majority guys, but they have fan girls too.


Can you see the queue on the other side?


We were there at around 1PM plus. Skipped the queue and took a look at the shop's exterior while Shawn was getting interviewed.




Didn't stay there for long. Went to meet Alexander at ION and we went to have Yakisoba and Takoyaki hehehehehe.



Gendou from Evangelion desu.


Tasty and yummy looking Yakisoba and Takoyaki! I am impressed with self because I think I did a good job at capturing these shots.




Somehow Jeff seemed to fall in love with the Yakisoba there and he just texted me saying I am awesome because I kept saying I want to have that for lunch that day, and that's how he got to know such fantastic Yakisoba existed. He just went to have it himself or with his group of friends I think.

But he keeps on calling it "fried noodles". Welllll IT IS fried noodles to a certain extent but is it that hard to call it Yakisoba. =_=

Expected answer: "Sorry cannot blame, I'm Taiwanese."


Went roaming around ION and went to TCC to rest.



It was my first time reaching home so freaking early before 7PM on a SATURDAY. Then I suddenly received Kah Hao's SMS to night cycle and I agreed! But the rental shop closed so we ended up doing something else while meeting with Yi Joe and Amos at the end.

So I guess my Saturday is quite well spent afterall? ^^;

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