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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

kenali blog anda


anda kenal blog anda??
Blog anda antara category yang mana satu.
Blog suka suki..? blog info? Blog iklan? Blog personal??
Ataupun korang belom tahu lagi dan still kompius..
Baca je kat bawah.

Blogging for self-expressing-I use my blog to free my mind when I am moody
-I express myself by writing in my blog
-my blog is the place where I express what I feel

Blogging for life documenting-I use my blog as my diary to document my life
-by writing text and posting video/audio files, I keep a record of my life

Blogging for commenting-I willing to comment on what others bloggers say
-I’d like to respond to other blogs that I read ( no matter if I know the blogger or not)
-I’d like to receive people’s comment on what I post on my blog

Blogging for forum participating-blogging helps me to make more like-minded friends
-in my blogroll I have friends with whom I can share things
-by blogging I interact with a set of blogs that have contents similar to what I put in my blog

Blogging for information seeking-blogging helps me extract information behind events that interest me
-blogging helps me explore more information about products and/or services
-to me it is convenient to search for information by blogging

That it. Ni antara jenis-jenis blog yang aku dapat share. Penting untuk korang tahu blog korang kategori yang mana satu..
Sebab knowing your blog, will knowing yourself..
Macam aku bloging for self-expressing.korang??

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